• Instagram was not built overnight. Set in Stone: Lithography in Paris, 1815-1900, opening January 20, explores how artists and a handful of entrepreneurs refined a new medium to strike a balance between individual creative vision and a growing demand for mass produced images, setting the stage for the rich visual culture that we encounter every day. This major exhibition is complemented by Place on Stone: Nineteenth-Century Landscape Lithographs, opening January 13, which focuses on landscape as a subject of interest among British and French artists. Join us for a preview of Set in Stone on Friday, January 19, from 5:30 to 8:30pm! Free and open to the public.


    It's Just a Job: Bill Owens and Studs Terkel on Working in 1970s America, also opening January 20, pairs the two iconic documentarians of work life during the decade, with 31 black-and-white photographs by Owens from his 1977 photobook Working (I Do It For the Money) and audio interviews selected from Terkel’s Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do, first released in 1974.


    Stop by any time to view Hands On With A Vision by Pedro Reyes, the current work featured in Pledges of Allegiance, a nationwide public art project by Creative Time. The flag, which is installed on the front fo the building, is part of a serialized commission of 16 flags, each created by an acclaimed contemporary artist to reflect the current political climate. Share your pics on social media with #PledgesOfAllegiance, tagging @CreativeTimeNYC and @zimmerliartmuseum on Instagram, as well as @creativetime and @zimmerlimuseum on Twitter.


  • Zimmerli Acquires the Whole of the Legendary Dodge Collection of Soviet Nonconformist Art

    A $44 million donation of historic artworks from Nancy Ruyle Dodge and an endowment from the Avenir Foundation includes the largest single gift in Rutgers history. Read the Full Story.